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Prenatal  Massage 

Massage can bring relief from a variety of symptoms: fluid retention , low back pain , swelling and headaches. Massage is not recommended

within the first three months.

30 min  $50.00       60 min $100.00

Special Events ​

 I offer chair massage for your workplace , convention , health fair , and other special   events. Your guest will receive all the benefits of  a relaxing massage without ever leaving   your location!  

Hot Stone Massage 

Smooth Basalt stones are heated and applied to the body using Swedish Massage techniques.

The added heat provides deep relaxation , relaxes muscles and softens the fascia. 

​60 min  $100.00

Sports Massage 

You don't have to be an athlete to benefit  from Sports Massage. Anyone who does strenuous activities... gardening , swimming , cycling and aerobics can benefit from sports massage. It incorporates deep tissue , trigger point , stretching and deep transverse friction to alleviate pain.

Pre- Event and Post Event therapy is also available.

30 min  $50.00                        90 min  $150.00                       ​60 min  $100.00                  120 min  $200.00

​Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage 

The therapist will use their feet 

to administer muscle compression 

without causing any pain. The first half 

of the session is done with the feet and the second

half by the hands. It's like receiving two different types of massages all in one session!

60 min  $120.00

90 min $170.00

120 min  $220.00

​​​Swedish Massage 

Most consider this type of massage to be the most relaxing and rejuvenating. It affects your nervous system and releases serotonin. This  hormone controls anxiety , pain , and stress. 

30 min  $50.00                   90 min  $130.00

60 min $90.00                 120 min  $180.00

Deep Tissue Massage

It concentrates on specific problems by getting to the deeper layers of the muscle and tissue. Restoring function and balance to the muscles and problem areas.

30 min  $50.00                 90 min  $150.00

60 min  $100.00           120 min  $200.00